3 Ways to Use Instagram to Build Your List and Make Money

Instagram has become household name. The main reason it has become that is due to the power of word-of-mouth or referral marketing. This is the most powerful form of marketing. We do it everyday. Each day you tell your family and friends your likes and dislikes and this influences their decisions. Instagram has allowed this same activity to now be performed on a larger scale.

This has a huge impact when you apply this fact to internet marketing. You can harness the power of referral marketing in a matter of 140 characters. But, many marketers have not setup their Instagram accounts to leverage Instagram. Here are three tips on how to setup your account to build your mailing lists and ultimately make more sales.


Target Your Account


You should have a Instagram account for each niche or target market. This will allow you to find people people who are interested in your product or service. By focusing your account you will attract your ideal customer.


Target Your Followers Australia


As you follow other people, make sure that they are part of or interested in your niche. Be selective, by looking at their profiles and choose people who are interested in your niche. This runs contrary to the “follow everyone” idea that so many people promote and Buy Instagram Followers Australia


Post About News, Ideas and Products In Your Niche

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