Getting More Instagram Followers Can Be Useless

In 2018, it was rare to see a Instagram user whose followers count was into the thousands. They were normally celebrities, popular bloggers, marketers with a strong following, or someone who has exceptionally many friends. But today, it is not uncommon to see a lot of Instagram users whose followers count is into the four figures, and a lot with five figures too!

When you see those people with a lot of followers, does this mean that people are truly connected all around the network? Do they really have so many friends and following?

OR… are many of them just using ‘spam’ software to get many people to follow them on Instagram?

I used to chase followers numbers also when I was just started to join Instagram community. I wanted to have 10,000 Active Followers UK and beyond on Instagram. That thought might have entered your mind too. Now while there is absolutely nothing wrong at all with getting a lot of Followers on Instagram. I encourage it, in fact. The problem with that thinking is it often can not help your business, really. Say what?!

Case in point:
You have probably heard email marketers telling you that a list of buyers is more responsive than a list of freebie seekers. Just as a list of 1,000 buyers are better than 10,000 freebie seekers with no purchasing power, the same holds true for your Instagram account value.

Getting followers on Instagram is not difficult again at the present time. There are many Instagram marketing software which can help you to increase your followers with minimum effort. Or you can even ‘buy’ your followers. Many Instagram users will follow you automatically if you follow them.

However, what will you do with your followers? As a marketer, we all want to convert these followers into buyers. You and me are having the same thought and many of the Instagram users are thinking like this also. If a person know that he will be exposed to millions of advertisement on Instagram, do you think that will he join? Definitely not!

One of the major benefits or reasons of using Instagram has been abandoned, that is to build relationship with your followers and provide good information to them. Instagram followers are useless if they do not want to listen to you, or totally only want to convert you into their buyers and earn money from you. Today, I rather have 1,000 ‘true’ followers who know me, want to read what I have to say rather than having 10,000 people who are actually using black hat software just to beef up their Instagram followers count and sell products to me.

While a lot of courses out there focus on how you can get people to follow you on Instagram, I put special emphasis on responsive-building and relationship building. Because that is where the money actually lies on. No software can help you achieve that.

Therefore, in my Instagram Dynamics course, I teach relationship building with your Instagram followers, even if they have not heard of you until just yesterday.

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