How to Use Instagram Effectively in Your Art Business 2019

Instagram is taking the world by storm. Three years ago, it was an obscure social media platform used for amusement. Today, everyone is tweeting. Small businesses, large corporations, media, and regular folks all converge on this fast growing, one-liner social media mogul.

Instagram can help increase traffic to your artist website, allow you to network with other artists and gather a following of people who appreciate (and hopefully buy) your work. To use Instagram effectively for your art business however, there are a few guidelines to follow.

1) Consistent Posting. To remain top of mind, you should establish a schedule where your followers expect to hear from you and look forward to it. If you drop in haphazardly and have long gaps between Posts, people lose interest or can even forget who you are. Regular Posts keep them informed in live time, and that can go far.

2) Infusing personality. Considering Instagram is a social site, it’s important to get into the social aspect to a certain extent. Following others that have similar art interests is a great way to put your work out there, but also shows a friendly, social side to the person behind the art. Of course it can be easy to get carried away and spend unnecessary time on Instagram, time that should be devoted to your business. Set aside blocks of time for this and stick to them.

3) Limited pitching. Feeding blog and website updates to Instagram is an excellent way to keep followers up to date on your activities. However, just tweeting this kind of update can turn people off, especially if it sounds like one sales pitch after another. Try to keep these from sounding like a plea for business. Avoid the old sales cliches and spread out the product pitching across a variety of Post types.

4) Compelling updates. Keeping tweets interesting is often the biggest challenge that people in business encounter. Talking about your latest art projects might bore people, so it’s a good idea to use a few different strategies for Posting. Reposts of other people’s content are a great way to network and share good information. Posting photos, related articles, and famous artist quotes are also content your Followers UK will appreciate.

5) Etiquette. A very important aspect of using Instagram effectively for art business is etiquette. One great business builder is to thank people for following and for any repost. A direct thank you message establishes a good connection with Buy Instagram Followers UK , one they won’t soon forget.

Following these simple steps are a good start to an expanding art biz. When used consistently and effectively, Instagram has the potential to increase business in ways you may not have considered before.

Debbie Parent is the founder of Artsy Biz Chick [], a biz coaching site for women who want to start an art business from scratch. Get free tips every week!

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