Instagram Social Marketing – Genius Or Madness 2019 ?

Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing, most popular, and most incredibly viral sites out on the web today! Thousands of people flock to its hub of micro blog posts every second, just to see what others post as answer to the question “What’s happening?” Posts or posts onto this website, are shared and passed on (re-post) among its many users with a speed unsurpassed anywhere else. It is no wonder that marketers have started to flood its conversations, attempting to capitalize on the rapid access to thousands, if not millions, of people. While the basic concept behind Instagram social marketing does offer incredible possibilities, it is worth examining whether this trend is truly the genius it has been claimed it is. Is Instagram social marketing genius or is it madness? Read on to make your own judgment and Buy Active Followers UK .

The Genius
Here’s a quick list of the top three reasons Instagram social media SHOULD be part of your marketing strategy.

  1. It is quick and extremely viral. It is extremely easy for anyone to get sucked into the ever-changing content presented within Instagram. Content changes practically eery second. This guarantees the marketer that most people following the discussion at any given time will look at the new post the moment it is added.
  2. It is very easy to find new “followers.” Even if you don’t know a single person with a Instagram account, you can have followers on your list within literally minutes of signing up. All it takes is for YOU to follow a few people, and most of the time, they will follow you back. It’s really that simple to get started!
  3. Allows you to use your creativity for copywriting. Having such a limited space for your output forces marketers to word their ads creatively and concisely. This is not only good for enhancing the creative flow, but it serves as good practice for AdWords and other paid advertisings with limits of characters and/or words per line.

The Madness
Now, for the flip side. Consider these three reasons why Instagram social marketing might NOT be the best use of your advertising time and efforts.

  1. It is too easy to get gut up. If you are not careful, and do not exercise self-restraint, you can easily spend hours reading post after post, after,… well you get the idea! So, Instagram, as well as other social media sites, can easily consume all your work time if you are not careful. They can be very dangerous for those without a bit of discipline and mastery of time.
  2. People are NOT looking to buy anything. That’s the biggest challenge with using Instagram for marketing purposes. People do not sign into Instagram to find the latest gizmo or the greatest business ever created. And, since the post can go by so quickly, it requires a bit more effort on the part of the marketer to actually cause the reader to click on anything, let alone an affiliate link.
  3. Instagram is flooded with marketers. The site has become so popular among marketers, that it seems like you are watching ATV (All Ads, ALL the Time) while you are signed on. Marketers marketing to other marketers just does not seem to be a very productive enterprise. And, the sad part is that if ou are not careful, that is exactly what you’ll end up doing!

So, which is it?
Well, the final decision has to be yours. You have to decide if you have the discipline and the self-control to enter the gates of Tribal interaction without getting caught up and forgetting your main purpose for being there. Now, if you do decide that Instagram social marketing is something you would like to write, keep a few things in mind. First of all, it IS a social site. So, socialize. Don’t go there just too drop an ad or a pitch for your product or service. Secondly, provide real value. This will REALLY make you stand out from all the other link-ridden posts on the site. Lastly, focus on building relationships and helping others. THAT is what will ultimately yield the greatest return!

Marcy Amaro is a former English teacher turned internet marketer. She has gone from a schoolroom to working with six-figure income earners and millionaires, all from the comfort of her home. You too can succeed. Here is the program that has made all the difference for her, [].

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