Use Twitter – Have Fun and Make Money 2019

Although most people find using Twitter fun easy and absorbing, specialist training and teaching is needed before it can be used competently to make money.

A friend once asked me what I do to make money using Twitter and I gave him details of one or two of my more commonly used methods. So she then went on to ask how she could make money.

So I requested some information about what she was selling because I knew that she had ever created a product of her own. “What do you mean?”, she asked. It became evident that she believed that it was possible to use Twitter to make money without having any service or product.

I am pretty sure that she isn’t the only one. There is a popular belief that making money online is easy: all you need is to learn how to generate it from nothing. It isn’t – it is an advertising and marketing tool, and you have to have a product or a service to sell, apart from a few rare secrets that enable a few people to make money without such things. I didn’t make £160 profit from the Aintree Grand National this year – although that is not something to be discussed here.

Sure, I know of ways to make money online without a product, but you won’t find anybody selling that information for a few dollars. To be realistic, you must accept that using Twitter for fun is entertaining, but if you want to use Twitter to make money then it is essential that you have a product or service to sell – and a product to offer for which there is a demand. So, let is take it that you have that – what next?

Twitter is not a sales platform in itself – it is more a marketing platform, whereby you can market products or services using Twitter, but cannot actually sell anything from it. Let’s put that another way: you can present your sales page in a form that is easy for followers to click on (Twitter shortens your URL to a form that cannot be easily identified) and then be directed right to it, and once that happens then a Twitter visitor is just the same as any other – they are on your sales page!

You could also promote a squeeze page using tweets, where visitors are persuaded to provide their first name and email address on a form in return for a gift, such as a free eBook, report or course of instruction. I normally use a course, generally of 10 – 14 parts, along with a free gift that gives them something immediate. I can them email my list at least 10 – 14 times, once for each part of the course they receive.

If you are trying to sell a product or service online it has been established that it takes roughly 7 – 8 sights of a product before their mind will be made up to buy it. Hence the extremely useful idea of a course, so that you can expose your prospect to your product with each emailing. The same psychology is used by advertisers that use television and magazine adverts.

You can achieve the same with Twitter by making frequent tweets. Each tweet can give your Follower a view of your product. Selecting the most appropriate Followers UK is also a science – those that will be amenable to looking at and even purchasing your products or services. There ways of selecting the correct followers for your business and also of you can use them to your best advantage (and theirs of course).

There are many techniques that can be used with any social networking site, and using Twitter to make money, or even for fun, is as much a science as is any other aspect of internet marketing. However, that is not for now because I can’t reveal all my Twitter secrets here, can I!

Further details on how to use Twitter  to make money are available on Pete’s site [] where you will also find information on other social networking sites.

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